Foot NOW offers video capsules that provide updated content on the latest news and advancements in foot and ankle pathologies. Aimed at orthopedic doctors and surgeons interested in staying current with developments in their specialty, Foot NOW presents precise and relevant information concisely and efficiently.

Quick Updates: Each Foot NOW video capsule offers a clear and concise summary of the latest news in foot and ankle pathologies, all in just 1 minute.

Specialized Content: The topics covered include a wide variety of pathologies and conditions related to the foot and ankle, providing healthcare professionals with the information needed to stay updated on the latest developments.

Access via YouTube: Foot NOW videos are available on the Aware.Doctor YouTube channel, organized into a dedicated playlist, allowing doctors and surgeons to easily access the content and stay informed efficiently.

Logo and Philosophy:
The Foot NOW logo symbolizes the expansion of knowledge. With typography that expands and warm colors, it reflects the mission to disseminate current information and knowledge among all healthcare professionals interested in foot and ankle pathologies. This initiative is promoted by Aware.Doctor, committed to the continuous education and development of healthcare professionals.

Foot NOW is the ideal tool for healthcare professionals who seek to stay informed about the latest advancements in their field efficiently and effectively.
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