Actilia inspiration.

This logo show Actilia Wind's commitment to long-term sustainability and high-quality windmill construction. The logo design features an interlaced "A" letter, which symbolizes the construction and repair of windmills. The bold shape and clear typography create a simple and easy-to-read logo that reflects the durability of the company's windmills.

The design inspiration for the logo comes from the under construction/repair mode of windmill blades, and it embodies the company's mission to create long-lasting, sustainable energy solutions. The interlaced "A" letter in the design adds a unique and memorable touch to the logo, which can be used across various digital and real formats.

Overall, this logo portfolio effectively showcases Actilia Wind's commitment to providing high-quality windmills and sustainable energy solutions. The use of the interlaced "A" letter and bold typography create a simple and durable logo that reinforces the company's brand identity and enhances its recognition.
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